Electric Vehicles and Fleet Management: A 4-Part Series

The electric car ‘revolution’ isn’t just for early adopters and green-minded motorists. Electric vehicles are set to own a larger piece of the wider new-vehicle market. And fleets will play a big role.

A lot of people think the electric vehicle (EV) story is about Tesla and its billionaire founder Elon Musk.

Even more people think EVs are just niche products for rich greenies.

Some even think EVs are a passing fad.

But here’s the truth.


But these beliefs are thriving. They get kicked around offices, social media, the internet, and plenty of other places – all day long.

And we need to be careful with these cynical views.

Because they’re colouring industry opinions and affecting decisions in a lot of wrong (expensive) ways.

Last week I sent an email to my database. It was on the topic of EVs. And the replies I got were a hi-def glimpse of these opinions.

My inbox filled with a lot responses to that email. A lot of them were encouraging. Some were fascinating. Some were worrying.

My database is pretty big. The majority of these good people have been in there a long time. So the fair conclusion I came to was this: the wider fleet management community must also have these views, too.

So, I’m doing this:

I’m going to address the facts and realities about EVs. And I’m going to talk about them in the context of fleet management.

I’m going to share with you two things over the coming few weeks:

  • What all fleet managers and fleet operators need to be thinking about right now with regard to EVs.
  • What all fleet managers and fleet operators should also be doing right now with regard to EVs


  • How we got here with EVs (and you’ll learn it’s not all about car companies cultivating green marketing images);
  • Why EVs are shaping up to own a bigger part of the Australian new-vehicle market (and you’ll discover how local new-car showrooms end up with the cars they sell);
  • And how the fleet management world can start preparing to integrate EVs on a much larger scale.

They’ll be worth reading.

Because they’ll put you ahead of the game.

I know there are plenty of websites and magazines talking about EVs. There are plenty of experts out there. But what’s not being addressed is how EVs will impact the fleet management world.

And that’s what I’m doing in this series.


You don’t have to agree with the idea of EVs. You don’t have to like them. But you can’t ignore them – because it will probably end up costing you.

The good news is you can get prepared for EVs. And I’ll show you how.

Next week I’ll kick off this clarity series explaining the basics about EVs – and reveal a few important facts behind their growth.

Until then, stay safe.

Grant Andrews
Managing Director

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