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Leverage your fleet over the entire lifecycle

Uniqco – your Fleet SPOD Consultancy


Integrate your fleet strategy to drive performance

Uniqco Strategy & Performance services include plant and vehicle management audits and reviews, a fleet operational support service, Uniqco Fleet Manager and Fleet asset management planning.

Deliver industry best practice

Uniqco operations delivers best practice fleet management through the complete lifecycle. Irrespective where we pick up and start to help our clients we are able to improve their fleet performance.

Regardless of how your fleet has been procured, we integrate data to produce performance reporting

Operational Fleet Data

Our integrated performance management platform


WHS Risk

Plant & Vehicle Management Manual by the authors of IPWEA

Upskill your people

Uniqco has trained practitioners in best practice fleet management for over a decade. Most of our training is provided through our alliance with the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia.

Access innovative mobile plant solutions

Uniqco Special Vehicles is a supplier of tailored heavy vehicle solutions. We supply specialised trucks and truck bodies from a variety of internationally renowned manufacturers.


Our high-quality vehicle solutions are designed for a number of specialist applications and to work in conjunction with a number of leading heavy vehicle brands

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