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Operational reporting at your fingertips

Unifleet is Uniqco’s web-based industry standard plant and vehicle fleet management reporting system and the core of our data analytics for operational services providing our capability to make fleet management mentoring and management on an annual subscription basis.

Unifleet provides a full range of information and reports to enable management of fleet assets in the most cost-effective way.

Unifleet is hosted in an Australian Based Microsoft Cloud service using privacy and security standards applicable to the payment card industry. There is no hardware to acquire and upgrade, no software to licence, no maintenance fees to pay and no backups to remember to take. All this is provided for you as part of your subscription.

Enhance operational performance

Fleet Management key performance indicators enable operators to deliver a highly productive fleet at lowest cost



Utilisation is an indicator of how hard the fleet is working. Without a measure of utilisation an accurate assessment of the following management issues cannot be made.


Optimum replacement ensures you are replacing the vehicle when its depreciation level is low enough, and when the actual and predicted maintenance costs, combined with the cost of downtime, have not yet become excessive.



Tracking actual whole of life costs vs budget whole of life costs allows our team to analyse benchmark and recommend internal hire rates to reflect full cost recovery of plant and equipment.


Downtime is often called the hidden cost of fleet management. In many cases, downtime costs are substantial and using this information our team can help your organisation reduce downtime and improve individual unit productivity.



Maintenance failure records allows our team to analyse the root cause of the repairs and maintenance being carried out and make recommendations for improvements. The cause is often traced to external factors impacting on the fleet asset and not the asset itself


Unscheduled maintenance is the primary reason downtime increases, increasing cost and lowering efficiency. Reducing unscheduled maintenance increases fleet productivity

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